IMPORTANT: Starting next week, we will implement a late fee. If your student arrives at school after 9:00, you will be charged $1 per minute. 


All of our staff have other jobs after 9:00 and cannot be waiting at the door for your student. 

We must utilize ALL of our staff in the classrooms in order to continue to protect your student.


*Late fees will be reflected on the following week's ACH debit, so if you were significantly late this week, you will see that late fee next Friday.* 

IMPORTANT: All people that drop off and pick up your student need to have the bright wheel app on their phone.


Also, if your student has a phone then they can download it as well. We would love to give them this independence in checking in/out by themselves. Just please send us the email address for them and for those that drop off/pickup so we can send them the invitation to the app. 


Here are the simple 

instructions on how download and login in the app! 

Thank y'all for doing such a great job with this! It is going to make things so much easier for y'all and us in the long run! 

NEW BUILDING AND SUMMER ENROLLMENT FORM: Please fill out this form to provide us with some guidance on when your student will return for in person services. 

Please check out the calendar below. *Our move in date is tentative* 

Parents, we've heard students talk about starting back to school on April 6th. This is just a projected start date, but we are hopeful to move in sometime in April. Please encourage your students to be flexible. We are so close and do not want anyone to be discouraged if we do not  open the building on the 6th. 

IMPORTANT: Since we now know that this form is successful for obtaining vaccines for our students, we are now requiring that in order to participate in Unless U’s person services, students will need to have received both doses of the vaccine by April 6th. Therefore, if you have not filled out this form, please do so today!

For your student, fill it out this way:

  1. Under "Entity", select Childcare

  2. Under "Please provide the specific name of your organization," type out "Attends Unless U. This person qualifies for 1B due to having developmental disabilities and other comorbidities."


No matter where your student receives their vaccine, we still need your signature on this waiver.  Covid-19 Vaccine Waiver and Policy.

We have made a Spotify playlist called "Unless U Top Hits" of songs we love and listen to frequently at Unless U!

Due to the pandemic, we have postponed UU Got Talent and we are excited to share with you our new date for the event. Please mark your calendars for August 20, 2021! More details coming soon.

This Week At Unless U - 3/2/21

Bible Study: 

Our Bible verse is Deuteronomy 6:5 "Love the Lord your God with all your heart." We learned about the rich young ruler who had the chance to put Jesus first in his life but did not want to give up his riches to follow Jesus. We had a review quiz about what we have been learning this winter. 


In math this week, we continued to count money! 


We learned about Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter this week! We reviewed presidents with Kahoot games!

Communication/Life Skills:

It is the first Tuesday of the new month so we talked all about March. We found out these fun facts: 
March was the first month of the year in the Roman calendar. 
Daffodils are the flower for March. 
These are just some of the fun days we had not heard of that are celebrated in March:
1st-World compliment Day 
9th-Get Over it Day
14th-Potato Chip Day
15th-National Quilting Day
25th-Waffle Day
30th-Take a Walk in the Park Day
We all loved talking about potato chips and waffle days-yum!


In News2You, we reviewed some of our favorite articles from the first part of this semester. We played a Jeopardy-type game as our midterm. The students absolutely rocked this vocabulary quiz!


It was review and test day in Science this week! We worked together in class groups to complete a Google test on the material that we have covered in 2021 so far. If you would like to see what all your student has learned recently, feel free to take the test yourself. You can find it here:


Trivia Games | Yoga | Art | Patriotic Music | Sign Language | Drama | Geoboards


Bo and Regan received the patience awards this week! 

Patience means waiting until later for what you want now.

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