It's that time of the year again! All students that are attending classes in person are required to get a flu shot by November 3rd. Please send verification to school with your student once they have received the flu shot.  

Mark your calendars for Friday, October 30th for the Unless U Trunk Dance at 5:30. Decorate the trunk of your car and meet us in the back bottom parking lot at the church campus here at Shades. The staff will play music in the middle of the parking lot and the students will stand in front of the decorated trunk and dance (socially distanced) with their friends. ALL Friends welcome, we would love to see our virtual class and our VHHS classmates! All students and parents are required to wear a mask! 


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This Week At Unless U - 9/13/20

Bible Study: 

 In Mrs. Graham's class, we studied 2 Kings 4 and learned Elisha helped a widow and her sons. We talked about ways we can help other people. Our verse for the week is Galatians 6:2, "Carry one another's burdens."

In Mrs. Tammy's class, we read a story about how God fought against the Assyrian army for Judah because King Hezekiah prayed for God to help them (2 Chronicles 32:20-21). We learned God helps us when we pray and trust Him.



In math class, we are celebrating football season being back! We are continuing to learn about measurements and bar graphs using a football theme. 

In Mrs. Cathy's class, we are continuing our study of Benjamin Franklin. We focused on inventions and some of his famous sayings. "A true friend is the best possession." We have been enjoying playing Kahoot to review what we've learned during our elective time!

Communication/Life Skills:

We discussed staying on topic in conversations. We can use questions to continue staying on topic and help us remain on course when talking with friends and family. Specifically, we reviewed the question words "when and where" and did an activity to distinguish the two words. 

Core Essentials:

The word of the month for September is "Friendship." This week we made Friendship Soup with the following ingredients: kindness, goofiness, fun, trust, honesty, safety, arguments, and respect. 



In News2You, we read about the Kentucky Derby horse race. We watched the race on YouTube and found out that Authentic won.  


In Mrs. April's Science Class, we are learning about seasons. The first day of fall is next Tuesday, September 22nd. We learned about why we have seasons and the characteristics (weather, clothes, holidays) of each season.  


Trivia Games | Yoga | Art | Patriotic Music | Sign Language | Drama | TV Show Time

Exciting Building Update! All of the framing and the remainder of the roof will be complete by the end of next week! We are forever grateful to all of you that have donated towards this endeavor! Please continue to pray over our building and how God will use it for His Glory!

This Week's Student Spotlight


Jordan and Caleb received the friendship award last week! 

Friendship is using your words and actions to show others you care! 

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