• We are so excited to announce the Grand Opening of our new campus! We ask all students and parents to line up at the student entrance underneath the awning by 10:00 AM. We want everyone to see our new campus for the first time together! Please RSVP at www.unlessu.org/event-details/grandopening. If you cannot make it but would still like for you student to attend, please let us know. We will resume our regular schedule in the new building after the Grand Opening is over. You are also welcome to leave with your student after the Grand Opening. 

  • As we're preparing to transition into the new building soon, we want to make sure we have documentation that your student has received their COVID-19 vaccination. After your student has received their second vaccine, please email a picture of their vaccine record card to vaccines@unlessu.org. We must have a copy of every student's card before we move.

  • Hey Unless U family, Jennifer Greer, VHHS teacher who also worked at Pizitz Middle, is retiring this May. She poured into many of our kids and was an exceptional teacher, advocate, and friend. If Jennifer taught your child, please consider emailing  a picture of your child with a favorite memory of her to Laura Davis. Laura is going to put together a memory photo book to give her from all of her students. We are trying to get as many of her students to participate as possible so please feel free to pass this along.   Deadline is April 23. Laura Davis’ email is ldavis0613@yahoo.com.   Thanks a ton and feel free to call me if you have questions. 205)907-1368. - Susan Peddy 

  • We are going to continue to wear masks or shield until all students have received their 2nd vaccine. We should be able to start removing the mask in May. 
    We will be allowing students to take off their masks during any outside activity. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this. 

  • IMPORTANT: All people that drop off and pick up your student need to have the bright wheel app on their phone. We also want to encourage parents are virtual students to go ahead and download the app and familiarize yourself with it. 


    Also, if your student has a phone then they can download it as well. We would love to give them this independence in checking in/out by themselves. Just please send us the email address for them and for those that drop off/pickup so we can send them the invitation to the app. 


    Here are the simple 

    instructions on how download and login in the app! 

    Thank y'all for doing such a great job with this! It is going to make things so much easier for y'all and us in the long run! 

  • We have made a Spotify playlist called "Unless U Top Hits" of songs we love and listen to frequently at Unless U! 


  • NEW BUILDING AND SUMMER ENROLLMENT FORM: Please fill out this form to provide us with some guidance on when your student will return for in person services. 

This Week At Unless U - 4/13/21

Bible Study: 

Our Bible verse is Matthew 28:19 "Go and make disciples of all nations." We learned about Jesus' ascension to Heaven and about the Great Commission He left with His disciples. We talked about ways we can be disciples of Jesus.


In math, we began learning about Earth Day. We reviewed addition and subtraction as well as counting by 2's with an Earth Day theme.  


We started reading the novel "Who Cloned the President?" by Ron Roy this week! KC and Marshall are trying to figure out what happened to President Thornton!  

Communication/Life Skills:

It is the second Tuesday, so we had Poetry time!
April is National Poetry Month, and there is much to share! We read a poem entitled "Goodbye Winter," and each student had a turn reading, describing, or indicating which part of the poem they enjoyed. Since this celebration goes on all the month of April, we will continue to discuss poets and poetry!


In reading this week, our News2You article was about National Parks, April 17th-25th. We learned about the National Park Service and virtually visited some amazing National Parks! Beth shared a picture of her hiking one of the amazing parks attached below. 


In Science this week, we did a "sign of spring" nature walk. We talked about the fact that scientists are observers, and it is valuable to take note of the world around us. We saw new leaves on trees, flowers blooming, grass growing, and bird singing. We are thankful for this beautiful season!


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Ben and Jordan received the peace awards this week! 

Peace means proving you care more about each other than winning and argument. 

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