Scoops Schedule and Updates

Our goal is to reopen Scoops the week of January 31st! Students will be required to wear a mask that fully cover their nose and mouth, and we will ask the same of our guests. Due to the current pandemic climate, if a student cannot wear their mask properly then unfortunately we will have to take a break from them working until things calm down. Please also make sure your student is dressed appropriately (close toe shoes, hair pulled back, etc.) so they are able to work as well. If you have any questions, please reach out to Meredith on Brightwheel.

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In News2You, we read about the James Webb Space Telescope which was launched on Christmas Day, 2021.  We learned that it is bigger than the Hubble telescope which was launched in 1990, and will take pictures of objects that are deep in space.  We saw pictures of it and decided it looked like a bee hive with all of the interlocking hexagons, and talked about how it needed to be folded up to fit in the launch rocket and then unfolded in space so that it can start taking pictures.


In Mrs. Graham’s Bible class we are starting at the beginning of the Bible.  We read about the Creation in Genesis 1 and are learning the first verse of the Bible - “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.

In Bible Class with Mrs. Marti on Thursday and Friday we continued to learn about the life of Jesus. We focused on His baptism and His temptation in the desert and talked about how Jesus was fully obedient to God and His Word.

Job and Life Skills

 This week we were excited to finally get to meet Ms. Catherine in person! A native of North Carolina, she is officially an Alabama transplant and will graduate from Samford this spring before coming on full time with Unless U this summer. We can’t wait to have her in the classroom with us!


We learned about the word “brainstorm” when we thought of all the words that relate to communication. Some of our ideas included smiling, looking, talking, texting, singing, dancing, writing, signing and so many more. We will continue to learn and review the basics of communication and conversations with our family and friends.


In Mr. Ethan’s math class the students spent the week reviewing various addition skills and strategies and preparing for a big math competition: Men vs. Women. Our work with number lines and finger addition are building blocks we will eventually use with the calendar, schedule, cooking/measurements, and many other areas.


In Science this week, we continued learning about the muscular system.  We discussed voluntary and involuntary muscles, as well as the 3 types of muscle tissue (cardiac, smooth and skeletal).  We also learned the names of some of the major muscles in our bodies,  and we did a few exercises to see/feel how those muscles work.



In history class we learned about the Alabama state fruit, the blackberry.  We also learned about the Alabama state nut, the pecan.  We ended our week with Kahoot reviews!

Core Essentials

In Core Essentials class, we talked about Kindness. We discussed ways we can be kind to others. We are gearing up for the Great Kindness Challenge starting next week. Kindness coupons are in each classroom to recognize kindness and we are going to “catch” students being kind! Did you know that it’s National Compliment Day on Monday? A great way to start the week being kind!


Post Place

In Post Place this week, continued identifying different community signs and learning what each sign means. We also started learning about how God created the heavens and the earth, focusing on the first two days of creation. The students continued to work on their independent academic, life, social, and motor skill goals. We had so much fun utilizing the gym this week and participating in creative activities together!

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